Eatontown toothache

Eatontown Toothache

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At the first sign of that familiar pain that announces a toothache, you should immediately reach for your phone to call our office. Here at the practice of Marc Berley, DMD, we are available to address the problem in a timely manner with expert, gentle care.

The common causes of an Eatontown toothache are related to a breach of your tooth’s normal protective barrier, the layers of enamel and dentin that keep it shielded. Specifically, we’re talking about cavities, loose filling or ones that have fallen out, and chipped, cracked, or fractured teeth. Inside your tooth is pulp and adjacent to that, the nerve. It is the exposed nerve that leads to an Eatontown toothache. The biggest mistake that some people make is to ignore the pain or try to tough it out. Not only are you causing yourself unnecessary suffering, but you’re opening yourself up to the risk of an infection. Bacteria can get inside your tooth, and if that happens, you’re going to need root canal therapy to repair it rather than just a filling or a crown. Fortunately, the advancements in technique and equipment have now made root canal considerably more comfortable, and the treatment has a success rate of 90%. But it would be far better to not need it in the first place. So take prompt action, even if the pain you’re having is currently mild. That could change without warning, and you may also experience sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks, gum tenderness, tooth discoloration, a funny taste in your mouth, or swelling.

For the common causes of an Eatontown toothache, or really any source of oral pain, reach out to our office immediately. We will make sure that you are seen at the first available opportunity to get the appropriate treatment.

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