Eatontown teeth whitening

Eatontown Teeth Whitening

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Common causes of teeth stains in Eatontown

Are your teeth stained? If so, you have plenty of company, because there has never been greater demand for our Eatontown teeth whitening. Here at the practice of Marc Berley, DMD, it is our pleasure to offer you safe, effective, long lasting whitening that you can do in the comfort of your home.

Keeping a bright smile isn’t easy when you consider all the everyday items that conspire to rob you of it. Among the foods on the list are hard candy, curry, soy sauces, and berries. Yes, berries, stalwarts of nutritional excellence, are no friends to your tooth coloring. Don’t give them up. They’re good for your overall health. Instead, take advantage of our Eatontown teeth whitening. Red wine and cola are typical beverages responsible for teeth staining. And if you start your day with tea or coffee (not to mention refills throughout the day), you’re not at all unusual. However, your teeth pay the penalty when it comes to their appearance. But without a doubt, the number one culprit in hurting your smile by staining it is tobacco. Yellow or even brown teeth result, and even if you vape, you’re not immune. It’s the tobacco, not the delivery system, that is the problem. Other common causes of teeth stains are fluorosis, a condition that is caused by over-fluoridation during tooth development; and certain prescription medications, like tetracycline, for which it is a side-effect. For our Eatontown teeth whitening, you wear our custom-fitted trays at home, and let the whitening solution do its job. Within days, you’ll notice the change for the better.

Don’t trust your teeth to possible abrasive ingredients and only marginal effects, such as what are typically offered by store-bought whitening products. Instead, contact our office and schedule an appointment to come in for our cosmetic treatment.

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