Eatontown teeth cleaning

Eatontown Teeth Cleaning

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Preventive care in Eatontown

Good dental health begins with a solid foundation of preventative care and our professional Eatontown teeth cleaning is an important part of a successful oral health maintenance program. The preventative program that our dentist, Dr. Marc Berkey, DMD recommends is a partnership between the practice and each of our patients. The process starts with regular checkups to ascertain the state of your oral health, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of any developing problems. Each patient is reminded about the proper care of their teeth at home, through brushing, flossing and using an oral rinse. The patient’s commitment to this part of the process is crucial to keeping his teeth clean and healthy.

As dedicated to proper teeth care as our patients are, routine home brushing and flossing alone isn’t always sufficient. Our practice recommends regular Eatontown teeth cleaning by our expert staff. Professional teeth cleaning gets rid of plaque and tartar buildup that toothbrushes just cannot manage. Our hygienist will scrape away any buildup around the teeth and gum, as well as remove any trapped debris between the teeth. Removal of this debris and plaque helps prevent it from forming bacteria and beginning the decay process. Not only will regular teeth cleaning help prevent cavities but also gum diseases, such as gingivitis. Bacteria can eventually carve deep pockets between the teeth and gums, which will weaken the tooth and may led to tooth loss.

At an Eatontown teeth cleaning appointment our hygienist will go over the home portion of the preventative care program with each of our patients. We’ll also discuss any particular problems or areas of concern. Some patients may have particular sensitivities or areas teeth that need special attention when brushing and flossing. Our practice’s philosophy is to educate our patients in every step of the teeth preservation process so that they can be the best partners in their own dental health as possible. Let’s work on preventing tooth problems together, make an appointment with our office so we can start a preventative program for your family.

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